“I just want to thank you for a great product that helped to nurture me at a time I really needed nurturing. I had (and have) complete trust and confidence in your products and philosophy.” - Sandra C.

Skin Care Stories

Personal stories from Dr. Hauschka Skin Care devotees

We’re very proud of our products, but are even more proud of what they do for our customers. Read some of their stories and learn how Dr. Hauschka’s natural skin care products can change the way you see yourself.

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Rachel F. of New York on the difference Cleansing Cream made to her skin:
“I was first introduced to your products by a skincare specialist on Martha's Vineyard, who recommended the Cleansing Cream to me as a perfect stand-alone product.  Three years later, I am still using it. I am still amazed to have found a product that cleanses without stripping my skin.”

Mindy Z. suffered from adult acne:
“My skin story starts with a happy beginning. I gave birth to a healthy baby girl.  Everything was going blessedly until I started experiencing adult acne . . . I had tried everything under the sun with very little change to my complexion.  Some products burned my skin so horribly that it peeled and became rough  with very little sensation to it . . . After reading your catalog I became excited about your business practices and principles and decided to take home a Revitalizing Face Care Kit.  And I'm so glad I did!  My complexion has made such a tremendous recovery. I can only say this in hopes that it will convey my gratitude:  Thank you!  Thank you from the very bottom of my heart. I have hope, again!”

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Christie P. of Illinois saw changes to her complexion:
“I have been sampling the Tinted Day CreamToner and Revitalizing Day Cream for about a month now. I have to say my face absolutely looks and feels lovely. Thank you for making a wonderful line of products that I plan on continuing to use daily.”

Anna B. of Massachusetts wrote about her oily, acne-prone skin:
“About four weeks ago I bought the Clarifying Day Oil and cannot live without it. It not only helped to clear my skin from breakouts but also made it look fresher and brighter. Even my husband, who usually doesn't even see the difference if I have make-up on or not, recognized it. Thank you for the wonderful products!” 

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Mary Jane H. tried Dr.Hauschka Hair Care products:
“I have been most familiar with Hauschka's facial products but with my last order I decided to treat myself to the Neem Hair Oil and a shampoo. I let the oil sit in my hair all night while I slept (as recommended by Johnathan Gale in your magazine). Today my hair has felt so soft and full; how wonderful to extend the renewing work of Hauschka now to my hair!”

Leah D. on how Dr.Hauschka products have helped her:
“I can hardly begin to tell you how your products and the philosophies behind them have impacted my life. Every time I wash and care for my face, I feel a glow in my core, it’s a soul connection and a feeling of eternal gratitude. I THANK YOU with all my heart.”

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Sandra C. of Vermont offers her thanks:
“I just want to thank you for a great product that helped to nurture me at a time I really needed nurturing. I had (and have) complete trust and confidence in your products and philosophy.”

Sarah N. of California had long-term issues with adult acne:
“I had all but given up on my skin. I was plagued by the typical teen acne years ago, which was difficult, but understandable. However, as an adult I continued to experience very difficult skin that broke out regularly and was always red and irritated. I tried prescription acne medication, the kinds you find on infomercials, and of course the shelves full of products you can pick up at the drug store. I had tried  everything, or so I thought!

“While traveling with a friend, we went to a health food store, where I was searching the shelves for something more natural to try on my skin. The health food store, Wildberries Market Place in Arcata, CA, has a Dr. Hauschka counter with a lovely woman who was herself a fan of the Dr. Hauschka line. I decided to purchase a sample package with various products which included the Cleansing CreamClarifying Toner and Clarifying Day Oil.  That evening, at the hotel, I tried the products and immediately fell in love with the wonderful natural smell and feel of the products. I really felt like I was doing something wonderful for my skin, right from the start. The next day, my skin felt amazing.  I couldn't believe how the normalizing day oil could actually make my skin feel less oily.  On our way home a few days later, I stopped back by Wildberries and purchases a full size Cleansing Cream, Clarifying Toner and Clarifying Day Oil. 

“That was three years ago. Now I get compliments on my skin! I hear comments on how healthy it looks and the natural glow that my skin has. I no longer suffer from constant acne, redness and irritation. My skin is completely different and I owe it all to Dr. Hauschka Skin Care.”

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