The products you apply to your skin are your responses to its messages—and the conversation can either be disruptive or supportive.

Stop, Look and Listen to Your Skin

For far too long, many of us have applied abrasive treatments, harsh drying products and heavy night creams to our skin. Yet the fact is your skin doesn't need them—and would do better without them.
Offer your skin the care it seeks and you’ll be rewarded with an even, calm complexion. Deny or antagonize your skin, and your skin can seesaw between dry and oily, blemished and reactive, or some other state of perpetual imbalance.  
Dr. Hauschka Skin Care is formulated to respect the biology of the skin. Rather than subverting or repressing your skin's natural functions, our products "teach" the skin how to balance its processes of cleansing and renewal to achieve a stable, calm and beautiful state.
Messages From Your Skin
At any given time, your skin sends you messages indicating how well it is adapting to changes in your body and the physical environment. Your skin may become red and irritated, a blemish may appear, or it may develop an oily sheen—all signs that your skin needs help finding its way back to a balanced state.

To better respond to the messages your skin is sending, it’s important to understand these three fundamentals about your skin’s biology:

  1. Your skin is always working to achieve or remain in a balanced, calm state, however the environment, stressors and your physical health can lead it into a state of imbalance.
  2. During the day, your skin’s natural processes are at their least active so your skin requires more care and protection.
  3. During the night, your skin’s natural processes are at their most active. You skin is hard at work cleansing, renewing and moderating oil and water content in preparation for the next day.

The products you apply to your skin are your responses to its messages—and the conversation can either be disruptive or supportive.

Disruptive & Supportive Responses to Your Skin

Your Skin's "Message"

Disruptive Response

Supportive Response

   Moisturizer feels heavy and "sits"
   on the skin during hot, summer
  • Moisturizer is applied sporadically or not used at all.
  • Why is this disruptive? Even during warmer months, the skin needs a day moisturizer for protection and nurturing. Eliminating a moisturizer leaves your skin vulnerable.
  • A lighter moisturizer is applied during the summer season, such as Rose Day Cream Light or Quince Day Cream.
  • Why is this supportive? Your skin gets the proper protection and nurturing it requires—no more, no less.

   Oiliness and/or    blemishes

  • Harsh products are used to strip oil from the skin.
  • Why is this disruptive? The skin can react by further increasing oil production to replace the oil that was taken away. The result can be even oilier skin.
  • A light, nurturing oil is applied to the skin, such as  Clarifying Day Oil.
  • Why is this supportive? Applying Clarifying Day Oil signals the skin that it already has enough oil on its surface so it learns to decrease oil production.

   Loss of skin elasticity; fine
   lines and wrinkles

  • Skin peels and other harsh products are applied to force younger skin cells to the surface.
  • Why is this disruptive? Aggressively exfoliating to speed skin renewal exposes young skin cells before they are fully developed. Continually stripping the skin can ultimately deepen lines and wrinkles, and cause dependency on product.
  • Products that support your skin’s natural regenerative functions are applied, such as Regenerating Serum and Regenerating Day Cream.
  • Why is this supportive? Your skin gets the nurturing care it requires, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while supporting long-term skin health and beauty. Results are achieved without the potential damage.
   Skin doesn't look or feel
   fresh and comfortable in the
   morning (too dry or oily).
  • Heavy, oil-based night creams are applied before bed.
  • Why is this disruptive? Oil-based night creams signal your skin to “take the night off” and stop performing its natural night-time processes. Over time, this can lead to product dependency so your skin need product to do what it used to do naturally.
  • Water-based night care products are applied, such as our Toners, Serum, Intensive Treatments and Conditioners.
  • Why is this supportive? Water-based night care lets your skin breathe and perform its important night-time functions without interference. Please note, if you’ve been using night creams for some time, it can take a week or two before your skin knows to resume its natural nighttime processes.