Of all the roses available, Dr. Hauschka Skin Care sources up to 95% of our rose ingredients from the Damask rose.

Behind Every Rose,
A Promise of Expertise, Quality & Extraordinary Skin Care.

The Perfect Rose. We know it when we see it. It’s full and lush, pleasing to the eye, soft to the touch, and bestows the gift of luxurious fragrance that reaches deep within us to inspire a sigh of blissful peace.

At Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, the story of our perfect rose is even richer.

The rose that lends its powers to our preparations has value far beyond the immediate: It meets our exceptionally high standards for quality and sustainability, it fulfills the needs of your skin, and it supports vibrant economies and healthy ecology.  


The Heart of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Lives in a Rose.
Rose ingredients are found in nearly all Dr. Hauschka products. Whether as an extract, essential oil, wax, hydrosol or element of a natural fragrance, roses are vital to the efficacy and experience of our products. Given its importance, we set the bar particularly high for our perfect rose.
In the words of Ralf Kunert, Head of Raw Materials Purchasing, “In a certain sense, the rose symbolizes the fundamental characteristics of our Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products and the principles by which they function. It is balancing, soothing and stimulating. The rose reflects the overall concept of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, which is why we include it as an ingredient in almost all our products.”
To put it lightly, not just any rose will do.



The Damask Rose
Of all the species of rose available, we choose the  Damask rose for over 95% of our formulations. Peter Schmich, responsible for the procurement of essential oils, explains, “The Damask rose is an old, cultivated variety that has its roots in the pre-Christian era, and it has a very high essential oil content. In this sense, the Damask rose is impossible to top – and it is also extraordinarily fragrant.”
The promise we make to you with every one of our Damask roses is that of unmatched quality and care.
Cultivating Care the World Over
Damask roses can’t be grown just anywhere.  As Ralf Kunert points out, “traditional growing regions for roses have a moderate, often Mediterranean climate.”
Our challenge has been to source roses in the quantity required without sacrificing the highest standards of quality. To answer that challenge,  we have helped to establish sustainable, fair-trade rose cultivation projects around the world, including programs in Ethiopia and Afghanistan.



Farming Roses in a Land Known for Opium
In order to combat the opium trade over the long term, it is essential that Afghan farmers have a viable alternative for securing a livelihood. In October 2004, German Agro Action initiated a project for producing organic rose essential oil that has led to four hundred farmers growing certified organic Damask roses.
Since the summer of 2006, Dr. Hauschka Skin Care has supported this project. We offer Afghani farmers our years of experience in organic and biodynamic cultivation methods while they, in turn, provide us with an additional source of organic rose essential oil for our products.



Farming Roses at the Equator
In 2005, Ethiopian farmer Fekade Lakew joined forces with Dr. Hauschka Skin Care and began cultivating Damask roses in keeping with the principles of biodynamic agriculture. Seven years later, he distilled the first batch of rose essential oil. This is the first rose oil production in sub-Saharan Africa that is transitioning to organic standards.
Dr. Hauschka Skin Care has agreed to purchase all of the rose oil produced at the farm for a period of ten years. “After that, we want it to be no more than sixty to seventy percent of his output,” Ralf Kunert says. “We don't want a project partner to be dependent on us; instead, they need to have several customers so they can stand on their own two feet.”



Behind Every Rose, A World of Beauty.
The Damask rose is a wonder to behold from petal to stem, and a treasure to share from farm to skin. Fragrant and possessed with the soothing, protective, nurturing qualities so beneficial to the skin, it is a precious ingredient we never take for granted.
Like so many of our ingredients, the story of our rose goes deeper than its appearance. It’s a story about finding the perfect, most potent ingredients available to care for your skin, and sourcing them in innovative ways that care for the peoples and planet that produce them.


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