Upholding the legacy of our founders, the Natural Skin Care Experts at Dr. Hauschka formulate all our products to achieve one result: healthy skin.

A Legacy of Care.

47 years ago, a revolutionary line of skin care was introduced based upon the concept that if you support the health of your skin, beauty will inevitably follow.
In collaboration with a pioneering esthetician, chemists trained in the formulation of plant-based medicines crafted the highest-quality botanical ingredients into holistic preparations that supported the skin’s natural processes of cleansing, renewal and oil production to dramatic effect. With precise care, these unique products guided skin to a calm, balanced and radiant state.
This approach stood in stark contrast to conventional skin care lines that held the idea that beautiful skin required quick fixes and cover-ups that subverted the skin’s natural processes with harsh ingredients and disruptive methods—a notion that continues to hold sway to this day.
Fortunately, Chemist Dr. Rudolf Hauschka and Esthetician and Formulator Elisabeth Sigmund were dedicated to fostering the long-term health of your skin, and their first products are still among our bestsellers:

  • Cleansing Cream, a gentle cleanser and exfoliant for use morning and night
  • Facial Toner, a botanical solution to support the balance and elasticity of skin
  • Rose Day Cream, a moisturizer to protect, soothe and nurture skin

Upholding the legacy of our founders, the Natural Skin Care Experts at Dr. Hauschka formulate all our Face Care, Body Care, Bath Care and Make-up to achieve one result: healthy skin. Since our beginnings in a spa, we have always understood that preparations that care for the health of your skin will lead to a beautiful, glowing complexion.
Healthy Skin = Beautiful Skin.
It’s the simple, spa-tested truth upon which our brand was founded. And it’s the simple, time-proven truth upon which millions of people worldwide have relied since 1967.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care
The Natural Skin Care Experts Since 1967™