Over the course of a year, we harvest and transform over 300 million roses into rose extract, hydrosol, wax and essential oil for our entire line of products.

300 Million Roses Picked for You

At Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, when we talk about our rose ingredients, we often use the word “precious.” And we mean that quite literally.

“Precious” speaks to the respect we feel for the Damask rose’s nurturing properties, the value the rose holds for our company in our skin care preparations, and the great care and effort required to transform a rose into the highest quality ingredients possible for our products.

We pick and process thirty roses to create each tube of Rose Day Cream.  Over the course of a year, we harvest and transform over 300 million roses into rose extract, hydrosol, wax and essential oil for our entire line of products.

Brilliant Shades of Pink among the Mountains

Not just any roses can become Dr. Hauschka rose essential oil. For the Damask roses we select, the process begins in the early morning when the mist hangs thick and heavy over the Afghani mountain valleys. As the first rays of sunshine herald the new day, women and men set out to gather the most precious treasure of the Damask rose—its wonderfully fragrant flowers. This is a harvesting day at the organic cooperative in Afghanistan that supplies Dr. Hauschka with organic rose essential oil.


The fully opened flowers are collected together with the calyx—the sepals or outer leaf-like skin that protected the flowers before they had bloomed.  The flowers are harvested by twisting them very gently from the stem by hand. They are then placed in the willow baskets which the farmers wear tied around their hips. The workers move quickly and silently between the myriad of rose bushes whose flowers range from the softest to the most brilliant shades of pink. The fields produce a splendid display of color that stands out against the radiantly blue morning sky. In this peaceful atmosphere work continues up to mid-morning when the fragrant crop is placed in huge sacks which can weigh as much as 26 pounds.


Flowers Processed at the Peak of Their Potency

After the weighing, the cooperative's truck takes the day's crop to the distillation factory, where essential oil of rose is obtained from the splendid harvest.

The delicate rose flowers are processed immediately. After weighing again, they are placed in copper stills and mixed with 500 liters of demineralized water. The rose-water mixture is heated with steam at a pressure of 1 bar. The steam absorbs the fragrant constituents of the rose flowers, rises and is channeled into a condensing coil, where it is cooled. The resulting condensation collects on the floor of the still in the form of a milky fluid called the "first water.”  This first step of the distillation process produces approximately 1 fluid ounce of "green oil" from nearly 1,000 pounds of rose flowers.



The green oil is the most concentrated and valuable form of rose essential oil and has an intense aroma of fresh flowers. The remaining "first water" is re-distilled. From 1,600 liters of first water, a further 2,536 fluid ounces of "yellow oil" are obtained, a slightly less concentrated oil. It is decanted with the green oil, then filtered. The end product is the valuable rose essential oil, or “attar of rose,” which we use throughout our line of skin care products.

Hundreds of Precious Ingredients

The story of our precious rose ingredients is emblematic of the care we devote to each and every ingredient we use in a Dr. Hauschka Skin Care product. Like the rose, the selection and processing of every nasturtium, anthyllis, clover and quince fruit is given the same superior level of attention. Whether millions of roses in Afghanistan, groves of Mango trees in India or fields of Calendula in Germany, every ingredient  that touches the skin of our customers is precious to us.


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