2013 Dr. Hauschka Employee Holiday Gift Picks

We asked our employees what Dr. Hauschka products they enjoy giving as gifts for the holidays and received a great bounty of responses covering a range of products across the skin care line. They’ve also shared who they’ve gifted with the products to help you with your gift-giving choices.

The Top 3 Favorite Employee Holiday Gifts at 15% off through December 31.
Hand Cream: Jen, Nancy and others called out Hand Cream’s subtle scent and quickly-absorbed,
non-greasy feel.
Lip Care Stick was a top pick of several employees who often paired it with Hand Cream as a gift. Joia wrote, “Who doesn’t need a Lip Care Stick!”
Spruce Warming Bath Essence: As Jaime, our Esthetics Specialist and Trainer, says, “Giving someone the gift and invitation to slow down, luxuriate in an aromatherapy bath and take time for herself is priceless!”
Additionally, save 25% on all kits through the month of December: Perfect to have on-hand for quick gifts for adults–and kids.


Hand Cream & Lip Care Stick

Maryanne in Customer Service
“I often give Lip Care Stick and/or Hand Cream. Mainly because most everyone I know has lips and hands and they need to be cared for particularly during the winter months. I am also a practical gift giver and therefore I want to give items that people will use—and they will certainly remember who gave them that lip care stick or hand cream when they are out shoveling snow, skiing, sledding or hanging by a bon fire because their  hands & lips will be chap-free (is that a word?). That, my friend, is the gift that keeps on giving!”

Amy in Logistics
"I love to give our Hand Cream and Lip Care Stick.  They’re fantastic for nourishing dry skin brought on by cooler temperatures and they make lovely gifts for one and all!"

Vicki in Human Resources
“I like to give Hand Cream because it is a universal product that everyone can use no matter their skin type.  It’s equally great for men and women.   I often will include a Lip Care Stick for all of the same reasons!”


Tiffany in Sales

"I like to give Hand CreamNeem Nail Pen and Lip Care Stick. Typically to teachers  or teachers aids. They are easily transportable or can be kept in their desk drawer. They don’t have strong fragrance so good in schools. I have given all three or two of the three."

Charlene in Brand Communications
“I really like the Hand Cream and the Lip Care Stick together as a small gift. Having lots of friends and family who love to be outdoors skiing or snowshoeing – it’s a favorite.”

Melissa in Sales
“My go-to product for holiday gift giving is almost always the Hand Cream. My family and friends and my daughter’s teachers all appreciate the luxurious gift. True story: This past February, my mom and I threw a baby shower for my sister.  Instead of the usual candy-filled baby bootie party favor, we gave a Hand Cream as our token of thanks.  Most of the ladies opened their Hand Cream while they “oohed and aahed” at the cute baby gifts, and many of them emailed after the shower to thank me for their party favor!"



Bath Essences

Colleen in Customer Service
“For the more seasoned skin care aficionado, I involve them in the Bath Essences. Whether it’s a full- sized bottle for those stressed out who need to (literally) jump right in, or a kit or the new mini Spruce Warming Bath Essence for those who want to dabble or try a little something new, the baths are stellar. Taking a bath has an air of luxury and relaxation to it anyway, but once you add the Hauschka baths it’s a complete sensory takeover. To think you can make this happen in your own bathroom (hardly a spa-like environment for most people) is mindboggling. But a welcome mindboggle.”

Terry in Customer Service
"I love to gift our body/bath products. Especially Body Moisturizers and Bath Essences. I’m really glad we have the scent families to choose from now. This means I will include Body Oils and Body Washes as well when gifting. I choose the scent based on who I am gifting."
Heather in Special Projects
Spruce Warming Bath EssenceEye Solace and Rejuvenating Mask—together for an at-home spa retreat during the long winter months. I also give the combo of Rose Day CreamTranslucent Bronze Concentrate and Lip Care Stick to the ski bunnies on my list.”

Rejuvenating Mask 

Jaime in Esthetics
Rejuvenating Mask:  I love giving this as a gift because I know it is such a special treat for the skin and can be a perfect pick me up for many different skin conditions. And any of the Bath Essences! The Spruce Warming Bath Essence is a true winter treat! Giving someone the gift and invitation to slow down, luxuriate in an aromatherapy bath and take time for herself is priceless!”

Geoff in Brand Communications
“I give folks the Rejuvenating Mask every chance I get, because everyone who tries it is pretty much guaranteed
a real ‘wow’ moment. It’s one of those instant-gratification products for any kind of skin, and for that reason
it’s a great intro to the magic of the brand. I’ve ‘converted’ a lot of people to the Hauschka side with Rejuvenating Mask.”


Tube Wringers, Toner and More

Dan in Logistics
"Facial Toner, pretty much a universal gift to give to anyone…except those sensitive skin people. My whole family loves it."
Kathy in Brand Communications
Birch Arnica Body Oil is a gift highly sought-after by my friends and family. Even newbies who have not experienced its amazing limbering effect on creaky joints and cranky muscles are soon wowed! Hmmm,
could this just mean my circle of friends is old and decrepit? Naww, my ridiculously active, outdoorsy
20-something kids and their friends crave it too! It is a great go-to gift for men, though its appeal knows no
gender limitations!”
Matthew in PR
Tube Wringers, hands down.  My wife and I always take these as gifts when we visit someone for dinner
or a weekend away.  They are useful not only for our products, but for general save-the-planet help around
the house.”
Christine in Sales
"I have given the gift of our Neem Hair Oil and it's been very well received! People always want their hair to look its healthiest best and this does it.  It's appropriate for anyone with hair and even without as a male friend of mine uses it after he showers and he says it makes his scalp feel clean and smooth."

Lawrence in Brand Communications

“In the past, I’ve given my young nieces the Bath Essence KitBody Care Kit and Face Care Kit.  They’re 10 years and younger and like the small size of the tubes and vials and, of course, sampling a variety of products. And each of them enjoys having a kit that is all their very own.”